Your experience with steroids

It's a history-making weekend at the box office. For the first time ever the two top grossers are both from African-American directors. Ryan Coogler's  Black Panther  continues its astonishing run. It's now the biggest non- Star Wars  hit since Jurassic World three years ago and The Avengers before that six years ago and likely to outgross them both). It was also opening weekend for Ava DuVernay's  A Wrinkle in Time.  $33 million for a movie with no bankable stars that's not a sequel is good though people are calling it a failure due to its heavy price tag.   How the Oscars affected the box office after the jump...

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Your experience with steroids

your experience with steroids


your experience with steroidsyour experience with steroidsyour experience with steroidsyour experience with steroidsyour experience with steroids