Vitor belfort steroids sherdog

Originally suspended in relation to a positive test arising from a sample collected on 5th October . On August 18th 2017 it was announced that he had tested positive for no fewer than four substances (ostarine, the stanozolol metabolites 16β-hydroxystanozolol and 4β-hydroxystanozolol, as well as hydrochlorothiazide and chlorothiazide), but a contaminated supplement “Cyborg 10,000” was found to be at fault (Which he had declared on his doping control form) and he received a ten month suspension which ended a month earlier in July 2017.

Okay, it's one of two things; either he gets to use steroids-he's training, has wonderful doctors that get him through it all-and he's able to compete, barely getting through with his drug tests. There's like a 1 in 10 chance of that scenario happening. The other factors are that he tries to be clean, and he realizes that he can't compete. Or he tries to go clean and gets hurt. Or he just uses the steroids and gets caught. One of those 3 options are the likelihood of the other 90% ... Vitor Belfort is not the old dinosaur or young dinosaur or whatever they call him. He's a broken steroid addict.

The whole situation was kind of sketchy because they waited until the very last minute to announced Brock’s return, which helped him avoid a usually-mandatory 4 month testing period. It wasn’t enough, though, because he still tested positive before the competition took place (But the results weren’t revealed until after the fight), and also failed another test that took place on the night of the fight. His opponent, Mark Hunt, was rightfully upset – he was the one getting smashed in the face by a roided up BEAST of a human being.

Vitor belfort steroids sherdog

vitor belfort steroids sherdog


vitor belfort steroids sherdogvitor belfort steroids sherdogvitor belfort steroids sherdogvitor belfort steroids sherdogvitor belfort steroids sherdog