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Hello Dr. Myers. I have a great doubt. I am having really slow diggestions and the food can stay in my stomach for as much as 8 hours making eating a real problem now. I have lost lots of weight and I am clearly underweight. My stools are not hard or have a shape anymore. All worsened after having 4 collonic irrigations. I feel tired. Mi doctor and other healthcare people have strongly recommended me not to take HCl because it can harm the stomach or make the body stop producing enough HCl naturally for ever. What is your opinion on this? And other question is for how long is necesary taking HCl, is it temporally or for good? I would really appreciate your comments as I am really confuse. Thank you very very much!!!! Miguel.

Hi Kim. I am planning to start a 5 day salt water flush starting tomorrow morning. I am familiar with flushing because I used to do the Master Cleanse and the was part of the routine. However, I used regular sea salt and it did the job. I’m not familiar with the salts you are referring to. Where can these be found besides online? Also, I’m scheduled to have a colonic 7 days from now, should I do the salt water flushes now, or wait until after the colonic? Will it be too much on my system to do both? I’m extremely constipated and bloating after everything I eat, so I feel the urgency to do something now. What are your suggestions?

I just recently received my gear and upon taking off the plastic cap the whole aluminum housing along with the rubber stopper came off as well. After looking at the housing it appears it was crimped pretty shitty and just on one side and will not go back on. Is this gear worthless now due to it not be sterile. Aside from contacting the source is there anything I might be able to do? I have not posted this on a source review as I want to give them an opportunity to respond to my email but in the mean time just checking to see if its possilbe for "me" to fix the situation.

Tmw steroids

tmw steroids


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