Thyroid problems after steroids

Hyperthyroidism is a disorder in which your thyroid gland produces a level of thyroid hormones that is too high. (It is also known as overactive thyroid and thyrotoxicosis.)  Hyperthyroidism can speed up your body’s metabolism, causing a wide range of symptoms such as increased sweating and irregular heartbeat. But older adults may also develop a form of hyperthyroidism known as apathetic thyrotoxicosis, which causes many symptoms similar to  hypo thyroidism (when your thyroid gland produces too few thyroid hormones).  

I'm wondering how many of us have had thyroid problems (hypo, hyper) after going through radiation for breast cancer or some other cancer? I have talked to many women who have had this happen; I don't know whether it's because we are older after radiation treatments or because the radiation caused the thyroid problems. My thyroid was FINE before my radiation in 2003; immediately afterwards I was dx'd w/hypothyroidism w/parathyroid involvement and had to have half of it removed. Coincidence or because of? Please share if this has happened to you.

The short version and what you really need to know is that our bodies use fats – ideally those which we obtain from natural sources like meat, dairy, and nuts, as well as fruits like coconuts, olives, and avocados – and turns them into hormones. When we consume the wrong fats, our organs are forced to manufacture these same hormones with the improper tools – think round hole, square peg. The results are mutated hormones that send our bodies on a crazy roller-coaster of mood swings, metabolic disorders, immune malfunctions, digestive problems, and reproductive system failure. That said, if you think you may have a thyroid disorder or if you just want to be healthier and happier in general, dump out that jug of gussied up petroleum disguised as “vegetable oil” and switch to wholesome, delicious natural fats .

Thyroid problems after steroids

thyroid problems after steroids


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