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Hello, we have also replied to your email as well. So not sure why you would say that you did not hear from us. If your order was shipped on the 6th, then that is not more then a week. We already replied to you as well to please be patient, as there is some issues with Canada Post and this is out of our control. Please give it some time and your order will be received. We are aware that people are use to receiving orders in 1-2 days on most accounts from us, but if Canada Post has some issues we cannot do anything about it as you can understand. You have ordered many times from us, it is funny that for all the times you have ordered not a positive thing was mentioned here, but when an order is taking longer then average by a few days to be delivered you are trying to discredit us right away. Is this normal? Please be patient, you will receive your order as always before. Thank you

Teragon labs trenbolone

teragon labs trenbolone


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