Steroids for whooping cough

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My one year old I believe has cone down with whooping cough. He is perfectly fine and happy until his coughing fits, Which are usually worse at night. Sometimes he coughs till he chokes :(. It started 30 days ago and seems to be at is worst right now. My sons also started out as a cold followed by a nasty cough. Were treating it naturally or trying anyway. I juice him kale carrot parsley and an apple and or a kiwi and I add it raw organic vitamin C. I will definitely be making this stew tonight. I wanted to ask though if your sons coughing fits made him choke or not be able to breathe for a few seconds??? How long until this is over? ?? This is so scary and I’ve never met anyone whose treated it naturally. My family thinks I’m crazy.

If you've got a cough (wet or dry) that has lasted eight weeks or longer, you could be suffering from chronic postnasal drip—mucus that accumulates in the sinuses and drips down the back of the throat, creating a tickling sensation that triggers a cough. There's no test for postnasal drip, says Dr. Frank, but you may also have a runny nose or congestion (from allergies or lingering cold symptoms, for example). Other signs include frequent throat clearing and a sore throat. Because it's so common, doctors will often try treating it even if they're not sure of a diagnosis, says Dr. Frank.

Steroids for whooping cough

steroids for whooping cough


steroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping cough