Steroid shot decadron side effects

"So, I have suffered from gout for many years. My first attack hit my shoulders and was at the age of 28. I have since tried various treatments including Diclofenic, indomethacin and Naproxen. As I was suffering from gout every few weeks, I ended up taking these type of NSAID drugs for periods ranging 1 week to 4 weeks at least 6 times a year. They almost gave me an ulcer in my stomach. I have also used prednisolone for some time- yes it did take down inflammation in the short run but caused my attacks to repeat more often, in different joints and for lengths of time that I had never seen before. I then listened to a podcast by a chap Raj Bhachu on Ben Greenfield where he talks about fructose being a major contributory factor to gout. As I"

Does anyone else here have the IM injectable DHE treatments? My doctor has been having me use them, since nothing else has been seeming to work, and it saves me from being hospitalized quite as much. My pharmacy has recently informed me that the pharmaceutical company that was producing it has stopped production and they are now unable to special order it anymore for me. Does anyone else have this issue? My neurologist is on maternity leave and her partners seem uninterested in treating my migraines more then a prednisone pack, and I only have 6 DHE injectables left, and that will be the end of my ability to receive them. I’m hoping that maybe someone has an alternative, other then the nasal spray. Thank you.

Steroid shot decadron side effects

steroid shot decadron side effects


steroid shot decadron side effectssteroid shot decadron side effectssteroid shot decadron side effects