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The Yaesu 817 is a fantastic radio but has some faults. One of those is the very small display. The 817 Companion app will connect to your Yaesu 817 via USB cable or Bluetooth serial adapter, and will let you almost completely control the radio frequency, band, IPO, ATT, NB, AGC, Transmit Power, front/rear antenna... all with a simple touch on your Android device display. But not only! The 817 Companion will put your little radio on steroids but adding: - logging possibilities (with ADIF and CSV export)
- automatic eQSL sending (as soon as you log a QSO, the app sends the eQSL)
- automatic query to to fill in data (name, QTH, locator)
- automatic calculation of the distance and bearing
- automatic frequency scanning up or down from 1Hz to 100Mhz at the time :)
- a beautiful audio spectrum/waterfall with touch QSY
- it supports the use of "panadapter" kit that allows to use the 817 as an SDR with up to 24kHz bandwidth (contact me if you want more info about that!)
- antenna tuning with a single press of a display button
- real time DX Cluster spots with touch QSY, filtering and alerts!
- 10 frequency memories for each band (a total of 140 memories!). Each one can be customized with a label and a color
- and more... You can read more about the app here:
http:// and read the online manual here:

To make the app communicate with the Yaesu 817, you need a USB CAT cable with an OTG USB cable adapter (and an Android phone supporting OTG), or a Bluetooth CAT wireless serial adapter. To take full advantage of the app functionalities we suggest that you also get the easy to install, no soldering required, "817 panadapter kit" that will transform your Yaesu 817 into an SDR! Contact us for more information or check the website here: http:///panadapter for images and video showing the kit. For any request of information and support contact us at:
817companion@ or on the website:
http:// 72/73 Andrea IU4APC

Steroid radyo apk

steroid radyo apk


steroid radyo apksteroid radyo apksteroid radyo apk