Steroid inhaler asthma pregnancy

Advair (Fluticasone + Salmeterol) :    The original combination inhaler is still the most popular.     Basically it combines a steroid with a long acting beta adrenergic (LABA).   The steroid  controls inflammation while the LABA keeps your lungs relaxed around the clock.   The combination of these medicines has worked wonders for many asthmatics.  The best part of this medicine is all you need to do is take one puff in the morning and one before bed.   This greatly improves complaince, and that alone I think has benefited many asthmatics.

The FAST trial was managed by the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit and funded by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Professor Hywel Williams, Director of the NIHR's Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme, said: "We are proud to have funded this original researcher-led study. The research shows that quadrupling inhaled steroids during periods of worsening asthma reduces severe asthma attacks by a substantial amount, resulting in less need for oral steroids and fewer hospital admissions. The study is good news for asthma sufferers all over the world as it shows how patients can better manage their condition and ultimately improve their quality of life."

​ ​You'll also have a quick-relief inhaler to treat asthma symptoms as they happen. You'll need to use your quick-relief inhaler to treat symptoms when you get them. And you'll use your steroid inhaler regularly to prevent asthma symptoms. You normally breathe these drugs into your lungs with an inhaler. The drug is stored in a small aerosol can attached to a mouthpiece. When you breathe in, some of the drug is released. Taking the drug this way means it gets straight to your lungs. If you find it difficult to use your inhaler, you may like to try another type of inhaler. For instance, some inhalers use a spray, others use a powder. Your doctor will be able to explain the different kinds.

Steroid inhaler asthma pregnancy

steroid inhaler asthma pregnancy


steroid inhaler asthma pregnancysteroid inhaler asthma pregnancysteroid inhaler asthma pregnancysteroid inhaler asthma pregnancysteroid inhaler asthma pregnancy