Rcp corticosteroid induced osteoporosis

Teaching is restricted to postgraduate activities both in the UK and overseas.

This takes the form of keynote lectures, plenary lectures and talks on specialist areas of asthma allergic diseases, pollution and translational medicine including participation in postgraduate courses.

Educational activities also extend to editorships of major texts in asthma, allergy and respiratory medicine. Examples include “Allergy” (4 editions) and “Middleton’s Allergy:Principles and Practice” (4 editions) (see below).
Editor of Clinical and Experimental Allergy (25 years to 2009) and current Associate Editor, Clinical Science.

As community trusts developed, the nature of the services that they provided came to differ from the previous community units. Midwifery was usually hospital based, and community midwives might work for a hospital rather than a community trust. In contrast, services for elderly mentally frail people, and those with mental illness or learning difficulties, were increasingly based in the community and managed by a community trust. Some chief executives thought that community care meant 'no hospital beds' and closed these without providing an adequate spectrum of support in the community. Others were innovative, co-operating with voluntary bodies, setting up new projects, and extending their services by developing local teams to provide intensive nursing after hospital discharge or rehabilitation after a stroke. Because their services were delivered in the home or within a neighbourhood, community trusts attempted to develop good relationships with GPs and the local population

Rcp corticosteroid induced osteoporosis

rcp corticosteroid induced osteoporosis


rcp corticosteroid induced osteoporosisrcp corticosteroid induced osteoporosisrcp corticosteroid induced osteoporosis