Pitbulls on steroids

i moved and had to take my 16 yr. old lhasa apso to a new vet for an ear infection issue. i explained that it was chronic and that antibiotics/steriods had been given previously and could no longer be used as a treatment for her. i was given prednisone and drops that smelled like it was kerosene to put in her ears. immediately following the first treatment, she began to itch uncontrollably. it has been over a week now and it has not stopped. she has numerous hot spots now and is going nuts with the non stop itching. what can i do?

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4 month old BT groin, belly, armpits just one day erupted in a rash and he’s constantly itching. Now 5 months and he’s eating and scratching himself raw! We’ve done a week of steroids, a week of antibiotics and benadryl along with a special shampoo. Changed his bed thinking maybe he was allergic to the fabric?! I really am out of ideas on what could be wrong with this sweet baby! He’s our 3rd BT and the only one we ‘ve had any kind of issue like this with. After doing some research maybe switching to grain free food might help although we slowly introduced our food from the breeders food and hes been on it for almost 2 months with no issues. He loves to lay in the grass so of course now I”m considering grass allergy. At a loss here!

Pitbulls on steroids

pitbulls on steroids


pitbulls on steroidspitbulls on steroidspitbulls on steroidspitbulls on steroidspitbulls on steroids