Peribulbar steroid injection

Q: I was diagnosed as having a premature development of a cataract in my left eye. The symptoms were discomfort on a sunny day and a feeling that there was something in my eye. No pain, just something there. The ophthalmologist gave me a thorough exam and the diagnosis stated above. He said my right eye had the beginning of one, but it has not been noticed. Besides surgery, are there glasses I could wear or drops that would make it clearer? I also see halos around lights when driving at night. This has been causing me anxiety and of course a fear that it will progress quickly. What course of treatment should I take? The symptoms have been noticeable for about four weeks. — .

Blizzard and Kyle (1963) offered the first substantial evidence for the autoimmune concept. They found antiadrenal antibodies in 36 of 71 patients with Addison disease and antithyroid antibodies in 22. Hung et al. (1963) found circulating adrenal antibodies in 2 sibs with Addison disease. A third sib had died from Addison disease. One of the affected sibs also had hypoparathyroidism, pernicious anemia, and superficial moniliasis. The authors suggested the disorder may not be inherited as a simple mendelian recessive but may be autoimmune in nature.

Peribulbar steroid injection

peribulbar steroid injection


peribulbar steroid injectionperibulbar steroid injectionperibulbar steroid injectionperibulbar steroid injectionperibulbar steroid injection