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In both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, fenugreek leaves and seeds have long been known for the therapeutic efficacy in diabetes, muscle building and wrestling ( 1 , 7 , 21 - 25 ). A number of studies have demonstrated that fenugreek attenuated body weight gain and improved insulin sensitivity ( 11 , 26 ). The anti-diabetic efficacy of fenugreek seed extract was attributed due to the presence of furostanolic saponins and 4-hydroxyisoleucine ( 10 , 11 , 26 ). Hamden et al. ( 28 ) demonstrated that administration of fenugreek seed extract to diabetic rats significantly decreased the sperm shape abnormality and improved the sperm count. Furthermore, potential protective efficacy of fenugreek seed extract was observed on reproductive systems, as demonstrated by histological studies on testis and epididymis ( 28 ). An in vitro study was conducted by Tomcik et al. ( 29 ) which demonstrated that fenugreek seeds in combination with insulin significantly modulated creatine content via a mechanism which is independent of the activity of sodium- and chloride-dependent creatine transporter, SLC6A8 ( 29 ). Aswar et al. ( 30 ) assessed the efficacy of fenugreek seed extract (10 mg/kg . bi-weekly or 10 and 35 mg/kg body weight orally on immature castrated male Wistar rats. Some anabolic activity was observed in these animals without androgenic activity ( 30 ).

Eating for Improved Sperm Health:
Focus on eating foods that ensure your body has the right amount of sperm friendly nutrients.   Most of these nutrients can be purchased in supplement form, but your body will benefit more if you try and incorporate them into your daily diet.   Many research studies have shown that the nutrients below help improve sperm count and overall male fertility. To receive the biggest nutritional and sperm count friendly benefits, you should stick with organic, grass fed, and wild caught food whenever possible.

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No sperm count steroids

no sperm count steroids


no sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroids