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Taviner discharges himself from hospital, and pens a lengthy confession about his role in the Sun Hill fire. He and Hollis then investigate an assault on a schoolboy, only to find the suicidal attacker threatening to throw himself off of a building. Hollis convinces him that he has suffered enough, and is on the verge of killing himself when Taviner steps in and saves him. The fourth victim of the serial killer is found on the banks of the Thames, but despite Baxter's confession and inside knowledge of the case, Nixon begins to have serious doubts about his guilt. After talking to Baxter's prison warden, Ross is furious when Nixon interrupts his press conference with the news of Baxter's innocence.

1. The Dutch colonists were there first, that means that this is their territory, not the territory of the north African invaders. Anyone who says otherwise is a racist thieving piece of shit, and I’m not saying that sarcastically. Yes, I know that many white racist pieces of shit on this board will all of sudden start pretending they care about that, but it’s irrelevant. Right is Right. If we don’t stand up for what is Right, then we are fucked when it is our turn. The Dutch earned their territory, and the entire world did them wrong. That is the simple truth.

I know the massive cycles Rich was doing plus mega dosing GH obviously Didn’t help him, I’m sure his heart was enlarged and weakend, not to mention high BP and whatever else was going on. But in the end his death was actually caused from drug abuse(not the steroid type). Gear can be ran safely as millions of people can prove. Problem is when you go crazy with dosing and never coming off. I’m not condoning steroids but just wanted to show the difference between a responsible user and somebody who abuses. Anyway RIP big guy, no one will ever fill your void.

Martyn ford steroids

martyn ford steroids


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