Liquidrone steroid

This winter really sucks.  Its cold as hell.  Its also been years since i had a drivers license.  so every goddam morning i stand outside waiting for my business partner lakhan to drive by and pick me up.  and then 9 or more hours later he drives me home.  if i need to do something in the interim i have to ask someone at work to give me a ride.  of course i hate doing that so i pretty much don’t do the shit i am supposed to do – like buy groceries and see the doctor when i am sick.  On top of all that I am still on probation so i cannot travel out of central illinois without 9 days notice and permission.  Not that i am gonna be going anywhere without a fucking license.  Then of course there was the visit we recently had by uncle sam.  Believe me that was no fun and dealing with the BS of it is no fun either.  [Someday when i am free to talk more about that i will.]  Well it all got topped off last night when i went to the gym.  You see i can’t go to the  good  gym cuz i am tired of asking people for rides back and forth.  so i go to the crappy gym that is a few blocks down the street.  you know the gym i am talking about – the one with the leg curl that has cables made of friction.  Well said leg curl machine was doing its squeaky little thing right in the middle of a set of one legged leg curls when i felt a nice hard popping sensation in my upper outer hamstring of my right leg.  I let out a “oh fuck!” (which was not appreciated by the lame ass clintele present) and then i limped to locker room to get my stuff and then limped out the door and then proceeded to limp some more about 1/8th of a mile home with the cold wind and snow blowing in my face.  It was very uplifting.  When i got home i was so overcome with joy that i went back downstairs (after icing my leg of course) and went up to the bar where Jack the bartnender served me a double jim and ginger.  I stayed until i didn’t care so much anymore and then i went back up to bed.  Now i am back at work typing this stupid blog and feeling my leg get worse and worse.  Maybe i should go home and rest and ice it.  Wait, that will mean i will have to find someone to gimme a ride again.  Fuck it, i will just stay here and suffer

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Two companies found guilty of selling muscle building supplements tainted with illegal drugs have been fined by a federal court in Idaho. According to an article published on nutraingredients-, DCD LLC and its subsidiary Advanced Muscle Science were fined $125,000 and ordered to enact more rigorous safety protocols to ensure future products sold by the companies will not contain unapproved substances. In a statement issued by the Department of Justice, these rulings were intended to “… protect the public from synthetic steroids masquerading as dietary supplements.”

Liquidrone steroid

liquidrone steroid