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Apple’s macOS High Sierra for its desktop computers is also getting ready to debut September 25. While its predecessor, Sierra, was packed with new features like Siri integration, Night Shift software for easing eye strain during late-night use, and Apple’s solid-state-optimized Apple File System, High Sierra’s changes are mostly under the hood. It supports the same devices supported by Sierra, so if you’ve got the old version you’re good to go when upgrading to its successor. According to Apple, “All Macs introduced in mid 2010 or later are compatible. MacBook and iMac computers introduced in late 2009 are also compatible.”

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Great info I did not know you were a fan of the "Iron Guru" until now. As with you i followed Vince through Musclemag and other articles and even brought the excellent book published by Bob Kennedy "Unleash the Wild Physique". As you say he was one in a few million way out there but the mavericks make history. The routines he recommended are of legend and very taxing, as were the diet plans but man he was never boring or one dimensional. He produced a string of outstanding physiques Don Howarth being a prize example shoulders like cannon balls. Thanks again for the article it really caught my attention, keep up the good work. Peter

As an athlete and a prospective professional in the sports industry, I am highly concerned with the future of sports. Steroids are vital to the future of sports because they are implemented by the younger generation of kids. It is most likely that when that generation reaches college they will still be using performance enhancing drugs. Soon they will reach up to the professionals and increase the amount of steroids that are being used in professional sports leagues. When I play volleyball and run track in high school, I often wonder if athletes on the opposing teams are abusing steroids because a lot of them do look

High schooler on steroids

high schooler on steroids


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