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I’m not trying to make a sales pitch, and I don’t make any money if you do decide to purchase it. You could simply go online and read articles for free, and you could make some great progress, but as you said, it’s hard to know exactly what path to take. The program is not a magic pill, you must be determined and do the work. What is great with B2B is that the path is all mapped out for you, and you benefit from an amazing community of people who have been there and help you along the way. For example, there are plenty of tips on how to make the eating aspect a lot easier.

Try wind sprints instead of jogging miles and miles…run 40 yards, walk back, run 40 yards, walk back…
I read an article years ago(in Men’s Health no less), it analyzed the cells of a 35 yr old ironman competitor and a doughy 55 yr old who rarely exercised.
Under the microscope, the men were the same age on a cellular level.
From what Ive read, you should really get these extreme endurance competitions out of your system by your early 30s; after that age, you really doing more harm than good (this applies to both men and women).

I’m now at the end of my second cut, started out at around 20 percent BF 2 January. My goal hasn’t changed lol, still want to get as sustainably lean as possible, but this time I’ve done it correctly. Slow but steady. Moderate deficit. Controlled refeeds and some cheat days when leptin/ Kortisol has been trough the rough and have been plateauing for too long. Haven’t experienced too much of it though, so I guess I’m lucky. Again thanks Andy for giving out so much, and I truly appreciate everything that you and your peers do to contribute to this industry that is packed with nonsense and BS.

Greg nuckols steroids

greg nuckols steroids


greg nuckols steroidsgreg nuckols steroidsgreg nuckols steroidsgreg nuckols steroids