Foreskin restoration steroid cream

Foreskin restoration is a process for lengthening the shaft skin of the penis to restore a foreskin. Circumcision removes the frenar band, the ridged band, and all or a part of the frenulum. Although foreskin restoration cannot replace the missing structures, foreskin restoration can create slack skin that covers and protects the glans to keep the glans from becoming keratinized, just like the original foreskin.  A restored foreskin also gives men a feeling of being whole again, that the parts that were cut off without their permission have been restored.

I’m a little disappointed with this update.  I know I shouldn’t be, but something really interesting happened earlier that I haven’t been able to reproduce.  While I was doing my normal stretching routine, I released to let my penis rest and leaned back, and the skin stayed over my glans for a good minute covering about half of it.  Unfortunately it settled back down before I could grab the camera, and I wasn’t able to reproduce it for this update photo, otherwise I would have had something really interesting to show you.  I think it must be because it’s been a particularly humid day where I live and the moisture was causing the skin to cling.

Foreskin restoration steroid cream

foreskin restoration steroid cream


foreskin restoration steroid creamforeskin restoration steroid creamforeskin restoration steroid creamforeskin restoration steroid cream