Epidural steroid injection spinal headache

I have been in chronic pain since 2009. I have received epidurals, facets, medial branches, cortisone, and radio frequency ablations in total approximately 75 injections. I have at least 12 herniations and bulging discs. Tears in both knees and both shoulders. I am very concerned with all this medication being injected into me. I had surgical menopause which is partly responsible for some of my conditions.( osteoarthritis). I have been feeling very weak and have gained 35 lbs. And many other side effect. Is there a protocol as to how many of these injections you can receive. I rather have radio frequency due to not having to have all that medication put into my body. But every time I get a radiofrequency we do the medials branches all over again. with this process it takes approximately 5 mos for one area. With all my injuries by the time they finish one area its time to start another. For the last few years I have had at least two areas needing attention at the same time. I also notice they are not as effective as they were when I first starting getting them. I have had nerve damage and vessel severed leaving me in worse pain for months. Is there a benefit to seeking laser surgery finally killing these nerves?

In fact, the anatomical studies have demonstrated that after the radicular medullary arteries enter the neuroforamen in the anterior aspect of exiting nerve root and dorsal root ganglion, they often travel a distance superiorly and laterally in the lateral epidural space to join the anterior spinal artery supplying the anterior two thirds of the spinal cord. Additionally, in about 63% of cases of cadaver studies, there is a posterior branch of the radicular medullary artery going to the dorsal aspect of the cauda equina. It is conceivable that the epidural needle in the interlaminar lumbar epidural steroid injection will very likely encounter the radicular medullar artery in the lateral aspect of the epidural space or midline posterior epidural space.

Epidural steroid injection spinal headache

epidural steroid injection spinal headache


epidural steroid injection spinal headacheepidural steroid injection spinal headacheepidural steroid injection spinal headacheepidural steroid injection spinal headacheepidural steroid injection spinal headache