Elevated 17-ketosteroids

To investigate the interaction of androgens with the IGF system, Elmlinger et al. (2001) compared the expression of IGFs and IGFBPs in cultured genital skin fibroblasts from 9 patients with the syndrome of complete androgen insensitivity with that in genital skin fibroblasts from 10 normally virilized males. Complete AIS genital skin fibroblast strains produced significantly lower IGF2 ( 147470 ) and IGF2 mRNA than control genital skin fibroblast strains. The production of IGFBP2 ( 146731 ) was also decreased in complete AIS genital skin fibroblasts, whereas that of IGFBP3 ( 146732 ) did not differ. The authors concluded that in addition to the endocrine actions of IGF1 ( 147440 ), IGF2, and IGFBP2, they are also involved as local growth factors in the mediation of androgen action and growth of genital tissues.

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Elevated 17-ketosteroids

elevated 17-ketosteroids


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