Dupuytren contracture steroid injection

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Dupuytren Contracture Institute Natural treatment for lumps on palms and contractures of fingers 309 East Rand Road, Suite 222
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Dupuytren disease is a benign condition which causes a tightening of the flesh beneath the skin of the palm and can result in permanently bent fingers. There is a genetic risk, although it may skip several generations. It is more common in seniors and in those doing heavy manual labor. The end result of Dupuytren disease is the bent finger deformity called Dupuytren contracture. Dupuytren contracture is treated with procedures to release tight tissues and straighten the fingers. Procedures do not cure Dupuytren disease, and contractures often return or affect other fingers. Currently, there is no prevention to prevent it worsening or to prevent it from returning after a procedure. The goal of the Dupuytren Research Group is a cure for Dupuytren disease and related conditions.

Tension in the palm (palmar fascia) has also been proposed as a factor causing Dupuytren's disease. In a small trial 27 patients had surgical fasciotomy with 13 having a Z-plasty cut reducing post-Op tension. After 2 years 2 patients of that group (15 %) exhibited recurrence while 7/14 (50 %) of the other group, where only a simple transversal cut was used, exhibited recurrence. This might confirm the effect of tension. N. Citron and A. Hearnden "Skin tension in the aetiology of dupuytren's disease; a prospective trial" The Journal of Hand Surgery: Journal of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand 28 (2003) p 528-530 abstract.

Dupuytren contracture steroid injection

dupuytren contracture steroid injection


dupuytren contracture steroid injectiondupuytren contracture steroid injectiondupuytren contracture steroid injectiondupuytren contracture steroid injectiondupuytren contracture steroid injection