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My offseason diet is based on lean meat, usually about 1kg of beef or chicken, 400-800g of jasmine rice and 150-200g of oats for breakfast, 2-3 protein shakes and a lot of supplements. That is what I eat in daily but on top of that I also have some junk foods such as ice cream, pizza, kebab etc.
My precontest diet is based on carb cycling. My source of carbs is only rice and oats (only for breakfast). And my protein intake is between 2-3g / kg of bodyweight and source is lean beef, chicken and protein shakes. I am also using a lot of supplements such as 20-30g of BCAA, fat burners, glutamine….
I belong to Amix Team together with Dennis Wolf and Nikola Weiterova. That means that my sponsor is Amix Nutrition and I have access to all product of this company and that is a great advantage, because the quality of excellent.

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Donne bodybuilding steroidi

donne bodybuilding steroidi


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