Dangers of nasal steroids

You may be looking for a nasal polyps treatment miracle, but conventional treatment usually starts with a nasal corticosteroid spray. It may also include a prescription to take prednisone by mouth for one week. ( 14 ) Nasonex, fluticasone, Beconase AQ, mometasone and beclamethasone are all nasal steroids that may be prescribed to treat nasal polyps. ( 15 ) Other medication, such as antihistamines and decongestants, don’t really help nasal polyps. However, your doctor may recommend antihistamines to control allergies, or antibiotics before your start on a steroid prescription if you have an infection. ( 16 )

Scott see my reply to Karen re how I weaned off ppi’s after countless failures. I failed to mention I was already off all grains, sugars and dairy (plus any foods you may be very sensitive to) due to the fact they cause inflammation for me and therefore will not help the situation). Because PPI’s have caused such an imbalance of bad/good bacteria in the gut there is no way a traditional diet can be followed till at least the gut is healed. I actually had to do years of research for myself because there was just no help out there. (I live in South Africa). I also take supplements because PPI’s have made us deficient in so many, including magnesium, so important for peristaltis. HCL (I took it slowly!) is important too. I cant do vinegars currently so I dont do the Apple Cider Vinegar which many people do. You HAVE to find out your triggers and what is particular to your own case. There is no one size fits all unfortunately. I totally agree with you its criminal that doctors just dish out this stuff. In fact mine started in the UK when I went to a dr. for very painful back and she prescribed iboprufen. I told her I cant take it as it upsets my stomach. Her reply was “well then I cant help you”!!!! Stupid me in desperation decided to take a few – thats where my problems started – 2011 – and just managed to get off ppi’s a few months ago. Recently, over the Christmas period I went a little mad with the wrong foods and within a few days I started the same acid symptoms. I could very well have gone back to ppi’s thinking I cant live without them, or that it was rebound, but it is not, its the wrong foods. I am still in the process of healing my gut so cannot eat those foods that cause inflammation in me.

Dangers of nasal steroids

dangers of nasal steroids


dangers of nasal steroidsdangers of nasal steroidsdangers of nasal steroids