Cat sick after steroid shot

Thank you for sharing your experience w/ your little kitty. I have an older kitty w/ IBD, as revealed by sonogram. It must be mostly upper GI, since she did not have diarrhea, just vomiting. The vet recommend open surgery to do bowel biopsies to determine if it was lymphoma, but I felt that she would not survive the surgery, because of her age and extreme weight loss. In the beginning of this illness, she started w/ vomiting hairballs, then on to vomiting food and water (drinks a lot of water, typical of IBD). She is currently on canned food, NV mostly and she likes the rabbit and turkey the best. I also have to give her cooked turkey and/or unsalted canned Alaskan salmon just to get her to eat. Since cats w/ IBD are chronically deficient in vitamin B12, I give her B12 injections at home, starting w/ weekly, for 3-4 weeks, then bi-weekly. It really perks up her appetite. I also give her probiotics (Bene-Bac…daily for 7 days, then about every other day) and am trying to transition her to a raw diet, but am making it at home. It is more affordable that way. I am currently using My Natural Cat powdered mix which I add to partially cooked lean meat (chicken thighs, lean beef, liver, chicken hearts). It you make it at home, it is cheaper than buying the ready frozen ones in the stores. I freeze it in little globs on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet for an hour, then bag it and date it in freezer bags. My male cat really likes it and my female kitty w/ IBD is starting to like it. Both are 13 y/o and I hope to have them around for many more years.

I purchased a bag of friskies grillers for my furbaby Black Knight he’s never ate this brand of food before i usually cook for him . The first night after eating this product my baby cried out as if he was so much pain and ran to me to Vomit it was chunky red and brown. He continued to do this all night I’d rub him to relax him and continued giving him fluids throughout the night. The next day the vomiting was less frequent and was now clearish yellow probably due to the fact the only thibg he has on his stomach was water he did not want to move or be bothered so i continued to keep him hydrated that evening i made him one of his favorite meals baked chicken chunks and gravy he slowly ate but atleast it was progress. Today he is a lot better his appetite is back and he just wants to lay up under mommy all day.

I cook for my cat crew all the time (I own a farm & have 100+ friendly and feral fur balls). I cook two meals a day – I serve up a breakfast burrito (eggs whipped and cooked to a Holladaise sauce consistency & then mixed with dry cat food & cut up turkey hot dogs) and a meaty oatmeal (chicken thighs cooked overnight in a crockpot with a little water, then the meat separated off, the broth thinned down with water & used to make oatmeal, then add back the chicken meat & serve up warm so its nice & sloppy with a lot of juice. Makes my kitties very happy. I have feral cats that come out of the timber & wait in the afternoon for their plate of meaty oatmeal!

Cat sick after steroid shot

cat sick after steroid shot


cat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shot