Cat arthritis steroids

5mg a day was too much and he was having bad side effects, extreme lethargy, he stopped eating,and drinking and his diarrhea actually got worse. Half a pill ever other day was not enough his stool was normal the first day then back to diarrhea the second. Half a pill mg a day seems to be the formula that works for him. He tolerates it well,and his stool remains normal. Mischief is much more active and healthy now,and is actually gaining weight. I am very pleased. Like I said I think it saved his life. Also the drug is very inexpensive $10 bucks a month

  • liver disease
  • severe kidney disease
  • allergies to aspirin or other NSAIDs (., ibuprofen, celecoxib)
  • poorly controlled diabetes
  • stomach problems (., bleeding, ulces)
  • a history of heart attack, stroke, or blood clot
  • heart disease (., congestive heart failure) high blood pressure)
  • swelling (edema, fluid retention)
  • dehydrated
  • blood disorders (., enemia)
  • bleeding or clotting problems
  • asthma
  • growths in the nose (nasal polyps)
  • allergic reaction history with symptoms of lip/tongue,throat swelling (angioedema)
  • if you are on a low salt restriction diet
  • if you are a daily or near-daily user of alcohol
  • if you smoke
  • if you have prolonged sun exposure
  • if you’re pregnant
  • any allergies in addition to those listed above.

    Dogs suffering from IBD may demonstrate such signs as chronic or recurring vomiting, loose stools, loss of appetite, lethargy, low-grade fever, poor-quality hair coat and weight loss—signs that can be present in other medical conditions, making diagnosing IBD trickier. These dogs typically have inflammation of the stomach lining, colon and small intestine. Their immune systems are waging war on the invasion of bacterial, food or parasitic antigens. They are miserable and in pain, and their owners are often frustrated by the lack of a quick diagnosis and recovery.

    Cat arthritis steroids

    cat arthritis steroids


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