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I have been a daily pot smoker for 20 years. I have quit now for 24 days and plan on shaving my entire body and attemp to grow all new clean hair. My question, as a heavy smoker how long should i wait before i shave? Secondly, i shave my head and will likely have to have my sample taken from my arm pit, chest, arm, or leg hair. Is there a different waiting period for that. I can grow a beard out thay long and may take that route. Btw you are freaking awesome for helping people that are turning things around and doesnt want the past to haunt them.

Q: I was diagnosed as having a premature development of a cataract in my left eye. The symptoms were discomfort on a sunny day and a feeling that there was something in my eye. No pain, just something there. The ophthalmologist gave me a thorough exam and the diagnosis stated above. He said my right eye had the beginning of one, but it has not been noticed. Besides surgery, are there glasses I could wear or drops that would make it clearer? I also see halos around lights when driving at night. This has been causing me anxiety and of course a fear that it will progress quickly. What course of treatment should I take? The symptoms have been noticeable for about four weeks. — .

Buy novocaine steroids

buy novocaine steroids


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