Bulging disc treatment steroid injection

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)
Manipulation under anesthesia or MUA is an appropriate chiropractic treatment for some spinal conditions. MUA is performed at an ambulatory care center or hospital. The type of anesthesia is called twighlight sleep; meaning the duration of sleep and sedsation is short, about 6 minutes. While the patient is sedated, the chiropractor stretches and manipulates the treatment area while your body is in  relaxed state. This treatment is usually performed during 1 to 3 sessions that are 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Spinal surgery in the past has been a daunting event, and included expensive hospitalization, significant surgical risk and an extended uncomfortable convalescent period. Advances in technology have made minimally invasive spinal surgery possible. Minimally invasive surgical procedures performed by Laser Spine Institute avoid many of the risks and difficulties of traditional open spinal surgery. If you have been diagnosed with a bulging disc and conservative management has failed, we suggest that you view our page dedicated to bulging disc treatment . You could be able to more efficiently reclaim a productive lifestyle with one of the minimally invasive, outpatient procedures performed at Laser Spine Institute.

i just found out i have two bulging discs. one in my neck and one in my back. some other things were said about my mri results, but all i remember hearing is bulging discs, narrowing & arthritis. mostly just the bulging disc. i got online because of course i wanted to know more about it. i have not yet had a face to face evaluation from my doctor yet, still waiting for that. i do know im in a lot of pain and any kind of activity causes severe pain. i have already been doing the neck exercises and that doesn't help at all. pain medication helps, but i still feel a lot of pain. im open for any suggestions that can help with my pain.

Bulging disc treatment steroid injection

bulging disc treatment steroid injection


bulging disc treatment steroid injectionbulging disc treatment steroid injectionbulging disc treatment steroid injectionbulging disc treatment steroid injectionbulging disc treatment steroid injection