Biggest steroid scandals in sports

Sports gambling expert . Bell , president of sports betting information site , tracked every game Donaghy worked from 2003 to 2007. He discovered that during the two seasons investigated by the NBA, the teams involved scored more points than expected by the Las Vegas sports books 57 percent of the time. In the previous two seasons, this only happened 44 percent of the time. According to Bell, the odds of such a discrepancy are 1 in 1,000, and there was "a percent chance that these results would not have happened without an outside factor." He also found 10 straight games in 2007 in which Donaghy worked the game that the point spread moved points or more before the tip—an indication that big money had been wagered on the game. The big money won every time—another indication that "something (was) going on."

TIn Seoul, South Korea in 1988, Ben Johnson gave Canadians one of their biggest thrills in the history of their participation in the Olympic Games, setting a world record and capturing an Olympic gold medal in the 100 Meter race, beating rival Carl Lewis in the process. 3 days later that euphoria turned to astonishment and then to shame as it was revealed that Johnson had tested positive for steroids. Johnson’s steroid scandal is one of the darkest moments in Canadian sports history, and even Donovan Bailey’s 1996 win in the 100 Meter in Atlanta cannot purge the bitter taste left by this giant scandal.

Biggest steroid scandals in sports

biggest steroid scandals in sports


biggest steroid scandals in sportsbiggest steroid scandals in sportsbiggest steroid scandals in sportsbiggest steroid scandals in sportsbiggest steroid scandals in sports