Big ramy steroid cycle leaked

Anyway, an IM injection oftentimes offers a higher bioavailability and better absorption time than oral administration. But since there's not extensive studies on all steroids, I'm just speculating. An IM injection also puts the drug into systemic circulation and skips the first pass, and in turn could potentially deliver more of the drug. Getting more of the drug through injection would mean less of a dose compared to oral and less of the drug going through the liver. Which means less stress. That's all I was getting at, but thanks for your concern.

Sometimes you’re a moron. First, how do you know that his routine is Youtube is the real, year long routine, second machines with a lot of load may create the tension for muscle growth, of course for natty guys machines are not very effective, for the chemical guys who are much more stronger it can actually work. How do you know he is a synthol user? his muscle are pretty in shape, synthol always look weird, you’re making up stuff, he truly look like a guy with real dense muscle. I believe his muscle development is because of 2 genetics factors, bone structure and a highly efective response to the abuse of steroids, HGH and insulin, because not everybody respond the same to steroid abuse. How do you know he can track his training, this dude dedicate his entire life to this, he doesn’t go out of oxygen gym and have people to track his training, in addition there are rumors that his sponsor have access to very high quality chemicals.

Big ramy steroid cycle leaked

big ramy steroid cycle leaked


big ramy steroid cycle leakedbig ramy steroid cycle leakedbig ramy steroid cycle leakedbig ramy steroid cycle leakedbig ramy steroid cycle leaked