Anabolic state bcaa

Looking to take your training over the edge? ANABOLIC STATE™ is the most innovative intra-workout BCAA supplement ever created. Bursting with 10000mg per serving of the powerful muscle growth catalyst HICA, ultra-pure micronized BCAA's, Lysine, and Glutamine, this unqiue matrix sets a new standard for enhanced muscular growth and recovery.*

ANABOLIC STATE™ works to preserve, repair, and build your muscles for complete anabolic dominance.* Key factors like pure BCAAs work proactively to reduce protein breakdown and minimize post-workout soreness, while HICA targets protein synthesis. This fast-absorbing, potent intra-workout supplement is a key component to any precision training strategy.*


It is suggested in scientific studies that the right combination of BCAAs will reduce the amount of muscle tissue breakdown during training.* This reduction minimizes the release of myoglobin and elastase (muscle damage signallers) post-workout, which reducing muscle soreness and help support a strong immune system. Put this all together, and you support a decrease in recovery time, with absolutely no waiting.*

Most amino acids can be metabolized in the liver only. However, BCAAs can be directly metabolized in the muscle cells to increase energy. Using BCAA to load up the muscles before a workout was proven, in several scientific studies, to boost endurance and overall performance. This is seeming because they intensify the quantity of fuel instantly available to cells. This can be transformed into ATP, which provides energy for the contractions of the muscle. During a workout, BCAAs are severely depleted and this occurs because they are used to fuel the workout.

A: Anabolic State can be taken any time! To get the most benefit, take Anabolic State consistently to keep muscles protected. On training days, take Anabolic State 30 minutes before your workout, during your workout and immediately following it as well.  On non-training days, take Anabolic State during the day to keep your muscles protected from damage. Anabolic State is stimulant free, so you can take it at any time to keep your muscles shielded and prevent muscle breakdown. Since Anabolic State is ultra-micronized and pre-digested, you get an immediate rush to protect your muscles and don't have to wait to digest or breakdown the amino acids into peptides, which only then can you absorb. This saves valuable time and provides the most muscle-sparing benefit when you don't have time.

Anabolic state bcaa

anabolic state bcaa


anabolic state bcaaanabolic state bcaaanabolic state bcaaanabolic state bcaaanabolic state bcaa